Move to ban plastic water bottles gains steam at the Capitol

This outlet was the first to report on efforts by Minnesota Democrats to ban the sale of water in plastic containers.

HF 1857 was introduced on February 16 by state Rep. Sydney Jordon (DFL-Minneapolis). Since we first reported on it, the House bill has picked up a co-author.

Today, SF 2791 was introduced into the state Senate by Sen. Kelly Morrison (DFL-Deephaven) and referred to their Commerce committee.

Capitol observer Blois Olson today noted the introduction of the Senate companion bill in his much-read daily tip sheet, Morning Take. Olson writes,

BOTTLES: A bill has been introduced in the Minnesota Legislature that would ban the sale of plastic water bottles within the state’s borders. Sponsored by Sen. Kelly Morrison, the legislation applies to any water bottle which is “comprised primarily of plastic resin” and “holds less than two liters when full.” Failure to comply would result in a fine of up to $500. The language of the bill still allows for the free distribution of plastic water bottles. 

For now. Presumably, water in plastic bottles could still be handed out to victims of natural and man-made disasters on an emergency basis.

But line 1.6 of the bill reads as follows:

A manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer is prohibited from selling or offering for sale bottled water in Minnesota.

No private company would store water in Minnesota in a form that they could not legally sell in Minnesota. Any water bottled for emergencies would need to be purchased and trucked in from out-of-state, delaying critical relief in situations where days count.

Keep an eye on this bill.