Business Owners Leave Minnesota for Texas

After the 2012 election, Rebecca and Quentin Irey, classic hard-working entrepreneurs, chose to relocate their family and the companies they grew to Texas.

As a result, people lost their jobs, a landlord lost a big tenant, and their local suppliers and customers lost two ever-expanding home-grown companies. And the State of Minnesota lost the Ireys as taxpayers and good, generous citizens.

Quentin Irey put it this way, “Most Minnesotans think that we’re the problem—they said, ‘We want higher taxes on people who own businesses’….And if that’s what they want, I don’t want to be a Minnesotan anymore.” The decision to leave, “was tough because I never thought I’d come to that day.”

The Ireys said, “We’re not moving because we’re greedy or because we do not want to pay our fair share. We’re moving because we believe in freedom. We want our kids to live in a free state where they have options and opportunities to pursue their dreams.” Rebecca liked Texas because “we’re not going to be punished for being successful.”

These are people who sold their bedroom furniture to buy a computer to get their first company going—then slept on air mattresses, while working around the clock. So when success finally came (along with a new bed), the Ireys had created a family-run company for themselves and lots of jobs for other people.