Riley Gaines: The Fight to Protect Women and Girls in Sports – Full Event

At the pinnacle of her college swimming career, Riley Gaines was forced to compete with biological male swimmer Lia Thomas at the NCAA championships. After finishing with the same time, the trophy was awarded to Thomas and Gaines was asked to join the parade of lies propping up Thomas as a legitimate participant in women’s swimming. Gaines refused and began a new chapter in her life standing up to the extremist trans-mob and becoming the country’s leading spokeswoman for women’s and girls’ athletics.

Gaines spoke about her experiences as a female athlete and why it is fundamentally unfair for women to have to compete against men in competitive sports. She also discussed the backlash she’s experienced from the woke media and others as she tours the country standing up for truth, common sense, science, logic and reason. The program was moderated by the editor of Thinking Minnesota magazine, Jenna Stocker, herself an outspoken critic of trans-women competing in sports from her perspective as a former Division 1 swimmer at the University of Minnesota.

Riley Gaines is an Advisor for the Independent Women’s Voice and a recent graduate from the University of Kentucky where she was a 12 time NCAA All-American swimmer with 5 SEC titles. Riley likes to tell people, “I’m not a biologist,” and it shouldn’t take a biology degree to determine what’s fair and truthful in the world today.