National teachers’ union AFT endorses Biden

The nation’s second largest teachers’ union has endorsed Joe Biden for president. The American Federation of Teachers made the announcement Sunday, with union President Randi Weingarten calling Biden the “experienced and empathetic leader our country needs right now.”

Now both national teachers’ unions (AFT and NEA) have backed the former vice president. But as I wrote about here, not all union members were supportive of the NEA’s presidential recommendation or the process the union used to make the decision.

AFT union member engagement process included a survey among 1,207 Democratic primary voters (members who identify as Democrats or who identify as independents and say they vote in Democratic primaries). Biden was favored two to one over Sanders, 60 percent to 30 percent.

But what about union members who support a different candidate or political party?

It’s unfortunate that both teachers’ unions continue to show little regard for the other political ideologies of their members and continue to engage in partisan political spending in the first place.

But teachers no longer have to fund the unions’ political agenda. For practical information on unions, how they spend dues money, and union alternatives, visit