No surprise: MN teachers’ union endorses only DFLers

Keeping to Education Minnesota’s political history of almost exclusively, with rare exceptions, supporting one political party and its affiliates, the teachers’ union magazine lists its endorsed candidates for this year’s election — all running under the DFL party.

Education Minnesota is not shy about its political involvement. But the state’s teachers’ union represents many voices, and not all of them embrace the same political ideology as Education Minnesota.

What about union members who support a different candidate or political party? Or no party at all? Union member teachers are forced to support the candidate the union favors, undermining their own political preferences.

While only Education Minnesota’s PAC can directly contribute to political candidates and political parties, there are many other ways the union spends dues on “soft” political activities, such as get-out-the-vote drives, election mailers, public marketing campaigns, and lobbying at the legislature. According to its most recent federal filing, Education Minnesota spent over $3.3 million of teachers’ union dues on “political activities and lobbying,” which is separate political spending from the union’s PAC expenditures (which so far is nearing $700,00 for 2022).

Minnesota educators: Don’t let the union pick your politics. Visit here to learn more about resigning from Education Minnesota if that is the decision that is right for you. The annual opt-out window closes September 30. Don’t forget to look into these nonpolitical education associations for liability coverage, professional development opportunities, and more.