North Carolina think tank will promote our legislative idea to prevent utilities from cashing in on unreliable assets

Mitch and I have been promoting the idea that utility customers should only pay for the reliable portion of an asset for years. Now the John Locke Foundation (JLF) in North Carolina is promoting this idea as a way to prevent electricity prices in the Tar Heel State from getting out of control.

Jon Sanders, the director of the Center for Food, Power, and Life at JLF, has written a series of articles promoting the “Only Pay for What You Get” Act and outlining what the legislation is and how it will save North Carolina ratepayers millions of dollars.

Part 1: Rising Power Bills Stem from Bad Policy Choices and Incentives

Part 2: Model Bill To Align Power Company Incentives with Customers’ Needs

Part 3: How “Only Pay for What You Get” Would Help North Carolina Electricity Customers

We look forward to working with other state think tanks to promote reliable, affordable electricity and to better align the incentives of monopoly utilities and the families and businesses they serve.