…of course, there was a machete involved.

More news not fit to print. A reader alerted me to a bizarre incident that occurred in suburban St. Louis Park late Friday afternoon (5:14 p.m.) involving two women, two guns, and two big SUV’s.

According to local police, a 35-year-old resident of Minneapolis renewed her beef with a 33-year-old woman (the beef allegedly involving an unidentified male).

We will refer to the “defendant” and the “victim” here, as charges have not been officially filed in the case. Police report that the victim had threatened the defendant in an earlier incident with a machete.

In the latest renewal, the defendant spotted the victim in her vehicle in St. Louis Park. The defendant wielded a baseball bat to no effect.

The victim appears to have struck the defendant in her getaway, injuring the defendant’s foot. In her mugshot, the defendant can clearly be seen sitting in a wheelchair.

A chase then followed, the victim in her Chevy Suburban, and the defendant in her Range Rover. The defendant fired shots (left-handed) at the victim’s car while both were in motion. Reportedly, a male passenger in the defendant’s car also fired rounds at the victim’s car.

The victim called 9-1-1 while being pursued. Two unrelated homes in St. Louis Park were struck by bullets.

The defendant remains in custody, pending a court date tomorrow afternoon. SLP police have drafted three felony charges.

So much drama in the S-L-P.