Oliver Stone’s Nuclear Now movie coming soon to Minnesota

Oliver Stone’s latest movie is about nuclear power and why it is probably the future of energy. The film will be airing in Minnesota in four different locations, including Minneapolis (May 8th), Duluth, Oakdale, and Rochester (all on May 22nd). You can click here to buy a ticket.

Based on the preview of the film, which you can watch below, the film will emphasize climate change as a reason to embrace nuclear power, which means it is largely catering to liberal audiences who are more likely to care about that issue than the rest of the U.S. population, according to recent polling from Pew Research.

While that may make conservatives less inclined to see the movie, that’s ok because we aren’t the ones who need convincing.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, 62 percent of Republicans already support nuclear, as do 56 percent of Independents, but despite their frequent claims that climate change is an existential crisis just 46 percent of Democrats support the most reliable, affordable source of carbon-free power on the planet.

American Experiment has long advocated for the use of nuclear power because we believe that it is the only source of electricity that could someday be lower cost than coal and natural gas. This stems mostly from the energy density of uranium. In fact, one uranium pellet weighing about as much as a AA battery can produce as much electricity as a ton of coal.

Right-sizing regulations around nuclear and new, innovative reactor designs can reduce the time needed to build nuclear plants and bring down their costs, resulting in a scenario where everyone should be happy. Conservatives can have the low-cost, reliable power that is necessary to run a modern economy, and liberals can reduce emissions.

The promise of nuclear is why President Eisenhower was a staunch promotor of the then-new technology. Hopefully, our liberal friends and neighbors will be more like Ike after seeing the Oliver Stone film.