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  • White Privilege Training for Edina’s Custodians and Bus Drivers? Can It Get Any Crazier?

    Of the countless examples of left-wing bullying that we have received from Edina school parents, students, teachers and staff, none will make your skin crawl quite like this one. A widow sent this to us yesterday. It is a training program that her late husband, a bus driver for the Edina public schools, was forced to attend in 2012 which left him utterly humiliated. At this “Equity and Racial Justice Training” day, bus drivers and custodians were instructed in diversity, cultural competency, oppression, racism, and whiteness. Bus drivers and custodians. Equity and Racial Justice Training.  What?! Edina schools has reached a...

  • “Stranger Things” Sci-Fi Series Isn’t All That Strange

    Supernatural thriller lovers, get ready. Netflix’s original series Stranger Things Season 2 is airing one week from today. All nine episodes will premiere October 27 on Netflix worldwide, giving sci-fi junkies like myself the perfect opportunity to binge-watch the new Halloween-themed season before Halloween itself. Set in the early 1980s, Stranger Things follows the lives of a group of boys in Hawkins, Indiana who stumble upon a secretive government research project and a telekinetic girl after their friend Will Byers mysteriously disappears. And of course, there’s a sinister alternate universe called the Upside Down that houses a predatory humanoid monster...

  • Video: Police Let Militants Shout and Shut Down State Pipeline Hearing

    Media coverage of the Enbridge 3 pipeline hearing this week in Duluth virtually glossed over the intimidating tactics used by militant protesters to shut down the public meeting.  It’s almost as if the threatening incident was an afterthought in the Duluth News Tribune version of the orchestrated chaos. Video posted on social media from later in the evening hearing showed a disruption of the proceedings, with some pipeline opponents shouting “shut it down.” Duluth police said there were no citations and no arrests. The paper glossed over the bullying behavior that allowed about 15 pipeline opponents to wrest control of...


  • The Loons are doing it right; Loyal fans will still be there when other club’s glamour boys are long gone

    The Minnesota United might have had some bad results this season, but off the field - in the stands - they have made the right moves to secure a solid future for soccer in Minnesota.

  • Edina Lefties Try to Push Back, But Fail Miserably

    For a week or more, leftists in Edina have been yammering on Facebook about how they were going to collect a huge number of Thinking Minnesota magazines that were mailed to residents of Edina, and deliver them to our office. Today, they finally tried to do so. Two women showed up at our office with a big box that contained a few copies of Thinking Minnesota. I introduced myself and invited them to come in, saying that I wanted to interview them. They refused to go beyond the entrance to our office, and one of them wouldn’t even tell me...

  • Thinking Minnesota is Attracting a Mountain (Literally!) of New Subscribers

    Every day when I receive the mail, our wonderful postal carrier drops a thick stack of cards on my desk. Most days, she makes a sigh of relief. Our new subscribers are giving her an extra load to carry. After the summer issue of Thinking Minnesota was released, we received well over 600 subscription requests. If you don’t remember, our cover story was “Traffic Congestion is No Accident.” Of course correlation does not imply causation, but if readers are like me and are tired of sitting through hours of traffic a day, our congestion story provided a perfect entrée to Thinking Minnesota....

  • Minnesota ranks 46th out of 50 states for business taxation

    Minnesota's business tax climate ranks 46th out of 50 states with high corporate and individual income tax rates the main causes. Incentives make a difference, as Gov. Dayton says. We tax cigarettes to get less smoking, so what happens when we tax labor and business activity?