Parents and students react to homeschooling during coronavirus

How are parents and students reacting to school closures caused by COVID-19? Check out the video below from Education Week to hear parents and kids interview each other about what it’s like to learn from home during the coronavirus.

“I’m feeling a little stressed out”

From feeling overwhelmed and grumpy to hopeful and sad, parents are experiencing a range of emotions as they do their best to keep learning going.

 “I’m still processing it”

For one student, he isn’t sure how to feel about homeschooling.

“More math!”

Kids wish their parents would teach them more math.

“I miss the routine”

When asked what they miss the most about not being in school, one student shared he missed a lack of structure and routine.

“Learning in different ways has been the most fun”

Parents have enjoyed seeing how their child’s mind works and coming up with new ways to teach different subject areas, such as a science-themed day paired with a corresponding Netflix documentary.