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Tomorrow is Give to the Max Day, an annual event designed to raise money for Minnesota non-profits. I’m writing today because I would appreciate any donation you can make to help support the energy work Mitch Rolling and I do at American Experiment.

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Thanks to the support of our readers, American Experiment has won awards for our energy work and has become the leading energy modeling group for conservative groups throughout the country.

Our report and messaging campaign on the devastating consequences of the 100 percent carbon-free mandate passed by Governor Walz and the House and Senate Democrats successfully branded this legislation The Blackout Bill amongst conservative lawmakers.

The liberal mainstream media doesn’t seem to believe that we are headed for a reliability crisis, so they gleefully printed the phrase “Blackout Bill” in scare quotes to demean people who opposed this legislation because they understand how the grid works. But when the blackouts eventually arrive, we will be proven correct, and we will have the receipts to show it.

Your generous donation will help ensure we can fight the good fight in Minnesota and the rest of America to make a brighter future for generations to come.

Thanks for your consideration,

Isaac and Mitch