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(Episode 8) Friday Five: What’s going on in Mankato, SRO Update, and NIMBYs

In this edition of the Friday Five, Kathryn Hinderaker, Catrin Wigfall, and Isaac Orr discuss the week’s headlines, what’s happening in Mankato, and the updates on the SRO issue.

Episode 7: 50% of Minnesota Students Can’t Read at Grade Level with Catrin Wigfall

CAE Education Policy Fellow Catrin Wigfall joins the podcast to discuss a sobering reality — new statewide test results show that the MAJORITY of students in Minnesota cannot read at grade level.

Episode 6: Is Mississippi Outperforming Minnesota and the UK?

John Hinderaker is joined by Douglas Carswell, President & CEO of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy. Previously a Member of the British Parliament, Douglas co-founded Vote Leave, the official campaign that won the Brexit referendum. Recorded live at the State Policy Network’s Annual Meeting in Chicago!

Episode 5: From Malawi to Minnesota with Martha Njolomole

American Experiment Economist Martha Njolomole describes her experience growing up in Malawi and what led to her becoming a free market economist in Minnesota.

Episode 4: Friday Five with Bill Walsh, John Phelan, and Bill Glahn

We introduce the Friday Five, a free-wheeling discussion of the week’s top issues with Bill Walsh (Director of Communications), John Phelan (Economist) and Bill Glahn (Adjunct Policy Fellow). The guys discuss Tim Walz’s recent visit to Iowa, Minneapolis city politics, bogus national business rankings, and a song that’s sweeping the nation.

Episode 3: EPA’s Attack on the Grid

CAE’s Isaac Orr describes the impacts of the Biden administration’s new EPA rules regulating CO2 emissions from power plants, which could cause massive rolling blackouts in the Midwest and cost $246 billion through 2055.

Episode 2: Minnesota for Sale with Bill Glahn

American Experiment’s Bill Glahn looks into the dark money behind Minnesota politics.

Episode 1: Dispelling the Myth of Unwarranted Racial Disparities in Minnesota’s Criminal Justice System with David Zimmer

CAE President John Hinderaker sits down with Public Safety Policy Fellow David Zimmer to discuss his new report.

Minnesota’s think tank is hitting the airwaves.

Unafraid to challenge mainstream narratives, John Hinderaker asks his colleagues and American Experiment Policy Fellows questions from “Is Minnesota’s criminal justice system racist?” to “Will wind and solar energy save the world?”

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