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Get Caught Up: Latest Episodes

(Episode 19) Empowering Parents in Education with Minnesota Parents Alliance

John Hinderaker sits down with Cristine Trooien, Executive Director of the Minnesota Parents Alliance, and Catrin Wigfall, American Experiment Education Policy Fellow, to discuss the shift towards parental rights in education.

About Minnesota Parents Alliance: MPA exists to ensure that every parent who wants to get involved in their child’s education has every resource they need to do so successfully, and that their engagement is an inspiration to others. We connect parents across the state with one another by hosting a variety of educational events and online forums, as well as with individuals and organizations that can provide additional support. Our goal is to effectively and efficiently channel the momentum of the parent movement into positive and lasting changes for education in Minnesota.

(Episode 18) The State of Crime and Migration in Minnesota

David Zimmer and John Phelan, American Experiment’s experts on public safety and the economy, discuss the flow of individual into and out of Minnesota, why people are moving, and the true state of crime in our state.

(Episode 17) A Deep Dive Into Price Transparency

Peter Nelson, a nationally-recognized healthcare expert and senior policy fellow at Center of the American Experiment who specializes in price transparency, leads us into a deep dive into price transparency and describes how we can make healthcare cheaper without losing quality or imposing draconian mandates

(Episode 16) How Education is Funded in Minnesota

Have you ever wondered what “fully funding” education means? Just how exactly does the Legislature fund education? What’s a WADM? In this episode, Bill Walsh sits down with Catrin Wigfall to answer these questions and more.

Tune in for a comprehensive breakdown of how education is funded in Minnesota!

(Episode 15) Golden Turkey Award Winner and A Deeper Dive Into the DFLs State Office Building

Bill Walsh and Bill Glahn announce the winner of the 2023 Golden Turkey Award! Join them as they walk through each nominee and end with a deep dive into the DFL’s new $730,000,000 State Office Building.

(Episode 14) New Report — The X Factor? Social Capital and Economic Well-Being

Economist John Phelan sits down with John Hinderaker to discuss his upcoming report “The X-Factor? Social Capital and Economic Well-Being: A Quantitative Analysis”

(Episode 13) Veterans Day, Golden Turkey Update, and a New State Flag

In this edition of the Friday Five, we discuss the meaning of Veterans Day, some new state flag submissions, and give a Golden Turkey Award update.

(Episode 12) The Golden Turkey Award for Wasteful Government Spending

Bill Walsh and Bill Glahn discuss this year’s nominees for the Golden Turkey Award, an annual award given out by Center of the American Experiment to the most outrageous example of government waste.

(Episode 11) Israel, Pro-Hamas Protests in MN, Feeding our Future, and Golden Turkeys

In this edition of the Friday Five, John Hinderaker, Kathryn Hinderaker, Bill Walsh, and Bill Glahn sit down to discuss the situation in Israel, pro-mamas protests at the MN Capitol, Feeding our Future, the Golden Turkey awards, and more.

(Episode 10) Matt Taibbi on Censorship and Free Speech

Award-winning journalist Matt Taibbi joins the American Experiment Podcast to discuss his work on the Twitter Files and the future of free speech in America.

(Episode 9) Raise our Social Studies Standards!

Education Policy Fellow Catrin Wigfall joins the American Experiment Podcast to discuss the state Department of Education’s newly proposed social studies standards — and what you can do to make your voice heard.

(Episode 8) Friday Five: What’s going on in Mankato, SRO Update, and NIMBYs

In this edition of the Friday Five, Kathryn Hinderaker, Catrin Wigfall, and Isaac Orr discuss the week’s headlines, what’s happening in Mankato, and the updates on the SRO issue.

(Episode 7) 50% of Minnesota Students Can’t Read at Grade Level with Catrin Wigfall

CAE Education Policy Fellow Catrin Wigfall joins the podcast to discuss a sobering reality — new statewide test results show that the MAJORITY of students in Minnesota cannot read at grade level.

(Episode 6) Is Mississippi Outperforming Minnesota and the UK?

John Hinderaker is joined by Douglas Carswell, President & CEO of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy. Previously a Member of the British Parliament, Douglas co-founded Vote Leave, the official campaign that won the Brexit referendum. Recorded live at the State Policy Network’s Annual Meeting in Chicago!

(Episode 5) From Malawi to Minnesota with Martha Njolomole

American Experiment Economist Martha Njolomole describes her experience growing up in Malawi and what led to her becoming a free market economist in Minnesota.

(Episode 4) Friday Five with Bill Walsh, John Phelan, and Bill Glahn

We introduce the Friday Five, a free-wheeling discussion of the week’s top issues with Bill Walsh (Director of Communications), John Phelan (Economist) and Bill Glahn (Adjunct Policy Fellow). The guys discuss Tim Walz’s recent visit to Iowa, Minneapolis city politics, bogus national business rankings, and a song that’s sweeping the nation.

(Episode 3) EPA’s Attack on the Grid

CAE’s Isaac Orr describes the impacts of the Biden administration’s new EPA rules regulating CO2 emissions from power plants, which could cause massive rolling blackouts in the Midwest and cost $246 billion through 2055.

(Episode 2) Minnesota for Sale with Bill Glahn

American Experiment’s Bill Glahn looks into the dark money behind Minnesota politics.

(Episode 1) Dispelling the Myth of Unwarranted Racial Disparities in Minnesota’s Criminal Justice System with David Zimmer

CAE President John Hinderaker sits down with Public Safety Policy Fellow David Zimmer to discuss his new report.

Minnesota’s think tank is hitting the airwaves.

Unafraid to challenge mainstream narratives, John Hinderaker asks his colleagues and American Experiment Policy Fellows questions from “Is Minnesota’s criminal justice system racist?” to “Will wind and solar energy save the world?”