Poll: Walz tax increases very unpopular

Gov. Tim Walz’s proposals to raise taxes on everyday activities such as driving a car or ordering from Amazon are wildly unpopular with Minnesotans, according to the latest Thinking Minnesota poll taken February 26-29, 2023. Walz’s proposal to raise car tab fees is opposed by 81% of Minnesotans, including 86% of Independents. His proposal to create a new tax on deliveries from Amazon or Door Dash is opposed by 72% of Minnesotans and 72% of Independents. The poll results were released by Center of the American Experiment today as the Minnesota legislature continues work on the next two-year state budget.

“With a $19 billion state budget surplus, I’m surprised anyone in Minnesota thinks it’s a good idea to raise taxes, especially on car tabs or home deliveries,” said John Hinderaker, President of Center of the American Experiment.

The poll was conducted by Meeting Street Insights, a nationally recognized polling operation based in Charleston, South Carolina. Using a mix of cell phones and landline phones, the company interviewed 500 registered voters across Minnesota from February 26-28, 2023. The margin of error is +-4.38 percent.

Independents are strongly against the Walz tax increase agenda, and in all cases, they match or exceed opposition from their fellow Minnesotans.

  • Raising the sales tax in the metro area to pay for transit projects is opposed by 58% of Minnesotans and 58% of Independents.
  • Creating a new state tax on capital gains is opposed by 61% of Minnesotans and 78% of Independents.
  • Creating a new payroll tax to pay for a state-run paid family leave program is opposed by 50% of Minnesotans and 71% of Independents.
  • Creating a new fif th-tier income tax on households making over $250,000 is supported by 53% of Minnesotans but opposed by 57% of Independents.

American Experiment previously released other data from this poll regarding sex change operations for minors (67% oppose) felon voting (60% oppose) and ranked choice voting (34% support).

The complete results of the poll will be released in the next issue of Thinking Minnesota magazine.