PragerU launches education resources that celebrate American values

PragerU — a leading non-profit media company widely known for its videos on political, economic and philosophical topics — has launched PragerU Resources for Educators & Parents (PREP) to equip parents and teachers with materials and tools that “teach children about America’s blessings and limitless opportunities.”

PREP’s latest addition is kids shows and activities. For kindergarteners to second graders, the story time videos teach American history and celebrate American values of truth, freedom, responsibility, hard work, equality under God, and more. There is also a special DIY series available that combines craft projects with history.

Third through fifth graders can access digital magazines that feature the life stories of influential figures. They can also view an animated series called “Leo & Layla’s History Adventures,” that follows their adventures through history as they meet historical figures who helped shape America and the world.

Middle and high school students can access videos that “cover life skills, character development, and current events.” The themes of the videos range from character building to demonstrating model citizenship. A monthly show hosted by Michael Knowles and a special guest features “in-depth conversations about great books that shaped Western Civilization.” There are also five-minute videos featuring different presenters discussing “contemporary issues, historical topics, and the overall story of America’s greatness.” Video playlists categorized by subject matter (U.S. History, World History, Economics, Civics, Political Science, etc.) make it easy for tweens and teens to continue learning in an engaging way.

These resources are an excellent way to counter the destructive ideology permeating the education system and restore balance and diversity of thought in schools. Make sure to check out the growing online PragerU PREP community!