Preserve the Integrity of the Senate

Sen. Nicole Mitchell (DFL-Woodbury) was arrested April 22, 2024 in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota for felony 1st-degree burglary at a private home owned by her stepmother.

A felony conviction will immediately disqualify her from serving in the Minnesota Senate.

Despite this, she is refusing to resign and will likely return to the Senate this week.

With Democrats holding a narrow 34-33 majority, a sitting senator under felony arrest could cast the deciding vote on legislation that will impact all Minnesotans, including future tax increases! This needs to be stopped immediately!

Sign the petition! Send an email to your Senator telling them to:

  1. Urge Sen. Mitchell to resign immediately.
  2. Support an expedited ethics process that completes its investigation before the end of the 2024 legislative session.
  3. Pause all voting in the Senate until we can guarantee the integrity of the process.

Sen. Mitchell was caught by the police and admitted to them she “did something wrong.” Now she is changing her story and refusing to resign her Senate seat. The Minnesota Senate is bigger than any one Senator. All Minnesotans have the right to a legislature that is not tainted by members under the cloud of felony arrest.

Tell Sen. Mitchell to resign!

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