Childcare Crisis

A crisis has been brewing around the country — parents are having a hard time accessing affordable high-quality childcare. From high costs to critical shortages, parents cannot catch a break when it comes to childcare. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones suffering. Businesses report trouble attracting and retaining working parents and face reduced productivity when workers constantly miss work because they cannot find childcare. According to a 2017 report by Child Care Aware,1 during a six-month working period, 45 percent of working parents miss work at least once due to issues with childcare. 

Additionally, kids who cannot access high-quality childcare miss out on development programs that ready them for school. And despite the high costs of childcare, providers are rarely profitable and childcare workers remain among some of the lowest-paid workers in the country. 

The lack of high-quality, affordable childcare is an issue plaguing every state in the country, but because of excessive government regulation, Minnesota’s childcare problem is one of the worst in the nation. 

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