Freedom to grow for Minnesota’s brewers and distillers

Update: On Sunday, Gov. Tim Walz signed a bill to reform Minnesota’s liquor laws. Nicknamed the “Free the Growler” bill, the measure raises the annual cap on craft beer production from 20,000 barrels to 150,000 barrels, which will allow some of the state’s biggest breweries to sell beer in to-go containers on site, and also lets breweries sell beer on-site in smaller containers, meaning they can opt to sell cans in four-packs or six-packs instead of 32-ounce cans or growlers. For distilleries, the bill removes the state’s limit on cocktail rooms, which will allow them to serve liquor on-site.

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Minnesota’s craft breweries and distilleries are American success stories of people following their dreams to make a living doing something they love.

State policymakers should:

  • Cut state alcohol excise taxes
  • Remove the ‘Growler Cap’ and limits on distillery sales
  • Free breweries and distilleries to sell in vessel sizes of their own choosing

Download the PDF to read the policy briefing by John Phelan.