Little Pink House

Jeff Benedict and Scott Bullock talk about the most important eminent domain and property rights case in a generation or more, Kelo v. City of New London.

The New London (Connecticut) Development Corporation, starting in 1998, sought to evict Susette Kelo from her modest home to make way for a private business complex.  She refused to budge, much less sell, leading the United States Supreme Court, in 2005, to rule 5-4 against her literal stand.  Understating matters, the decision was received with widespread and profound displeasure, leading to the rewriting of eminent domain laws in more than 40 states, including Minnesota, significantly reining in what the high court had allowed.

Mr. Benedict is author of Little Pink House, the definitive story of Ms. Kelo’s extraordinary strength and tenacity.  Mr. Bullock, a senior attorney with the Institute for Justice, argued on her behalf before the Supreme Court.