Medical Home Policy Recommendations

In searching for ways to improve quality and enhance value in Minnesota‘s health care market, Minnesota lawmakers have hit upon the concept of the “medical home.” Currently there are respective medical home proposals under consideration in the state House and state Senate.1 Governor Pawlenty also has offered a proposal.

A medical home, in general, is a health care delivery model that relies on a primary care practice working in partnership with patients to manage all aspects of a patient‘s health care.2 Basically, a medical home puts the primary care physician in charge of guaranteeing that health care delivery follows key principles associated with high-quality health care. These principles include health care delivery that is comprehensive, patient-centered, culturally and linguistically appropriate, compassionate, continuous, accessible, and, most importantly, coordinated.

This report offers three recommendations to ensure that the medical home concept is patient-centered and quality-driven.

  • Recommendation #1: The Definition for Medical Homes Should Be Flexible
  • Recommendation #2: Medical Homes Should Be Facilitators, Not Gate-Keepers
  • Recommendation #3: Medical Homes Should Not Be Mandated