The High Cost of 100 Percent Carbon Free Electricity by 2050

Governor Evers’ Proposal Would Cost Wisconsin $248 Billion Through 2050 and Lead to Blackouts

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ proposal for a 100 percent carbon-free electric grid by 2050 would cost Wisconsin families and businesses an additional $248 billion (in constant 2022 dollars) through 2050, compared to operating the current electric grid.

Electricity costs for Wisconsin families, businesses, and industrial customers would increase by an average of $2,755 per year, every year, through 2050. This has serious implications for the lives of Badger-state residents.

For example, the Muskego-Norway School District would see electricity costs increase by approximately $537,588 every year under the Evers Plan. This means the district would have to lay off 9 teachers making the average salary of $58,000 per year to pay these higher electric bills or raise property taxes to keep them on staff.

Rising electricity prices would threaten jobs in energy intensive industries like manufacturing and agriculture. Jobs in the papermaking industry would be particularly at risk.

Under the Evers Plan, the electric grid would experience devastating 8-hour and 20-hour blackouts in late January 2050 if electricity demand and wind and solar output are the same as they were in the year 2020.

Wisconsinites would benefit most from keeping their reliable power plants running as long as possible to bring down energy costs and prevent blackouts.

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