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Our policy experts:

John Hinderaker


  • What is Center of the American Experiment?
  • Minnesota’s Mediocre Economy
  • How to Stop the Left’s War on Freedom

Catrin Wigfall

Education, Unions

  • How Good are Minnesota Schools, Really?
  • Critical Race Theory in Minnesota
  • Raise Our Standards

John Phelan

Economy, Governance, Spending and Taxes

  • How Big Government is Strangling Minnesota’s Economy
  • Minnesota’s Workforce to 2050: A Story of Prosperity or Stagnation?

Isaac Orr

Energy, Environment

  • Everything Wrong With the Green New Deal
  • How Environmentally Responsible Mining Can Help Minnesota’s Economy
  • Nuclear Power: the Future of Clean Energy?

David Zimmer

Public Safety

  • Crime in 2022: Problems and Solutions
  • Criminal Injustice: Minnesota’s Revolving Door Courthouses and Repeat Offenders

Martha Njolomole

Economy, Governance, Spending and Taxes

  • Minnesota’s Childcare Crisis
  • Occupational Licensing Reform

Peter Nelson

Health Care

  • Pharmaceutical Price Controls
  • Making Health Care More Transparent in Minnesota

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