No Gas Station Inflation MN

Gas prices are already too high and now Gov. Tim Walz wants to raise them even more by adopting California’s crazy fuel standards!

Say No to Gas Station Inflation!

Walz’s new proposal to adopt California’s fuel standards will raise the cost of gas in Minnesota by 20 to 50 cents per gallon, for no good reason!

No money for roads and bridges. No measurable impact on the environment.

Gas prices in California are pushing $6 per gallon – and Tim Walz wants to bring that to Minnesota?

Why Walz Should Ditch His Gas Station Inflation Plan:

  • Average gasoline prices in Minnesota are already over $3.95 per gallon for regular grade fuel, and diesel fuel prices are above $4.75 per gallon, the highest since 2013
  • This California-inspired policy will cause gasoline and diesel prices to increase substantially
  • For example, the California fuel standards increased the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel by 22 cents per gallon in 2020 in California, according to an analysis by Stillwater Associates
  • If enacted in Minnesota, Stillwater Associates estimates the California fuel standards would increase the cost of gasoline by 20 cents per gallon in the near term and 54 cents per gallon by 2035. Diesel prices are expected to increase by 20 to 53 cents per gallon on this timeline
  • This would cost the average Minnesota household an additional $210 to $568 per year in additional gasoline costs in constant 2022 dollars.
  • None of the money goes to roads, bridges, or transportation services. It all goes toward funding the Green New Deal agenda.

Read the Walz administration report calling for California fuel standards.

Backed by Research

Rather than offering gas tax gimmicks during
an election year, Minnesota policymakers should
focus on making our energy supplies as secure and
affordable as possible. Unfortunately, the California
fuel standard increases prices for no measurable
environmental benefits.

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