Sign Our Petition and Say NO to an Xcel Energy Green New Deal!

Xcel Energy is currently trying to get the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to rubber stamp their own version of the Green New Deal. Under this plan, the company would spend $57 billion on wind turbines, solar panels, natural gas plants, and mysterious “firm peaking” capacity, and stick your family or business with the bill.

Xcel’s preferred plan will increase electric bills for each of their customers by $1,428 per year through 2050 and have zero measurable impact on future global temperatures.

It’s crucial to remember that Xcel Energy is NOT a private company. They are a government-approved monopoly, and you are forced by the government of Minnesota to buy your electricity from them whether you like it or not.

Liberal wind and solar groups are constantly pressuring the PUC to approve more unreliable, expensive sources of energy, which is why it is so it is important that you make your voice heard!

We want as many Minnesotans as possible to tell Xcel that they disagree with the company’s plan to shut down their reliable, affordable power plants by signing the petition, so share with your family and friends to send the message loud and clear.

Sign the Petition! Say NO to an Xcel Energy Green New Deal.