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Last month, Texas experienced rolling blackouts during a polar vortex because the state is too reliant upon wind, solar, and natural gas for electricity generation.

Sign our petition at to remind Minnesota lawmakers that our energy diversity is our strength, and doing the same thing as Texas and California and expecting different results is a recipe for disaster. We need them to demand reliable energy.

As temperatures plunged in Texas, wind speeds died down, causing electricity from wind turbines to plummet. Sub-freezing temperatures also resulted in supply-chain problems for natural gas because the pipes were not properly weatherized. These factors led to electricity shortages when the power was needed most.

Minnesota and other Midwestern states were able to keep the lights on because we have a diverse fuel supply of reliable coal, nuclear, and natural gas power plants. Without our coal and nuclear plants, the regional grid would have likely been in big trouble during the polar vortex.

Unfortunately, politicians in St. Paul haven’t got the message that energy policy is a matter of life and death, which is why they are advancing legislation that would put all of our energy eggs in the wind, solar, and natural gas basket.