Tell the PUC, Xcel Energy to Save Our Sherco

SOS! Tell Xcel and the PUC to Save Our Sherco!

Minnesota is at risk of rolling blackouts because power companies on the regional grid have shut down too many reliable coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants and attempted to replace them with unreliable wind and solar.

The regional grid that includes Minnesota (known as the Midcontinent Independent Systems Operator or MISO), currently has a 1,200-megawatt shortfall, which is enough to power half the homes in Minnesota, and that problem will only get worse if they shut down any of the units at the Sherco plant.

Closing down the Sherco plant will also be devastating to the 230 families in the community who depend upon the high-paying union jobs to put food on their tables.

Send an email telling Xcel Energy and the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission you don’t want solar panels made with slave labor in China taking valuable farmland out of production in Sherburne County.

Get your lawn sign!*

If you live in or near Sherburne County, stop by one of these pick-up locations to grab your sign(s):

1) The Patriot News, 14054 Bank St, Becker, MN 55308

2) Palmer House, 4181 105th Ave SE, Clear Lake, MN 55319

3) Country Lumber, 12575 Oak View Ave, Becker, MN 55308

4) Sand Dunes Auto Service, 26177 184th St, Big Lake, MN 55309

5) Sand Dunes Food and Fuel, 26215 184th St, Big Lake, MN 55309

If you live in or near the Twin Cities, reach out to [email protected] and pick a time to stop by our Golden Valley office to get your sign(s)!

Spread the word to your neighborhood — this is our chance to tell Xcel to make smart, common-sense energy choices!

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The 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2040 mandate proposed by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz would cost the state $313.2 billion through 2050 and lead to devastating blackouts.

The Walz Proposal is essentially a wind, solar, and battery storage mandate.

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*Due to time and staff constraints (and to keep the signs free!) we are unfortunately unable to offer shipping for the Save Our Sherco lawn signs. If you don’t live near one of the Sherburne County pick-up sites, you can grab your sign(s) from our office in Golden Valley.