Specialty license plate offers unique way to support first responders

You may have noticed a growing number of specialty license plates on Minnesota roadways in recent years. Nine (9) more specialty plates were added in 2024, bringing the total number of license plate styles in our state to 123. Read more about these specialty plates here.

One of those specialty plates, available through the state’s Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS), helps support a worthy public safety cause — the Minnesota 100 Club (MN100).

MN100 is an all-volunteer non-profit organization founded in 1972 by local businessmen and labor leaders. The sole purpose at the time was to provide instant relief and aid to family members of first responders who were killed in the line of duty. That mission has expanded over the years to also financially assist our first responders who are seriously injured in the line of duty. In both instances the assistance helps lessen the financial impact of a tragedy.

In recent years, MN100 has been able to bestow a benefit allotment of up to $50,000 to families of fallen first responders with dependent children. Cases involving serious injury are allotted varying amounts.

Through a great deal of foresight and effort by board members, MN100 was recently successful in lobbying the state to offer the MN 100 Club license plate. A $40 dollar donation for each plate purchased goes to MN100 to support its efforts to help our first responders and their families in times of tragedy.

As a non-profit, MN100 relies solely on donations from private individuals and organizations. The new license plate offers the organization a unique way to raise the funds needed to support its mission.

In 2023 over 3,000 MN100 plates were purchased. In comparison, the PGA Foundation plate doubled the number purchased by MN100 supporters.

The MN100 Club specialty plate is available to all motor vehicle owners in Minnesota, either at the time of annual registration, or anytime during the year if a vehicle owner wishes to convert to the specialty plate.

The purchase of the MN100 Club plate offers a unique way to support the efforts of MN100. For more information on how to order a MN100 Club plate and support our first responders, visit https://mn100club.org/mn100-license-plate/.