Statement from Isaac Orr regarding Gov. Walz’s misguided California car mandates

Statement from Isaac Orr at Center of the American Experiment regarding Gov. Walz’s misguided California emissions rulemaking

Isaac Orr, Policy Fellow for Energy and the Environment at Center of the American Experiment issued the following statement regarding Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’s decision to direct the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to formally adopt California’s regulations mandating auto manufactures to stock electric vehicles in the state, and forcing all new cars sold in the state to meet California’s gas-mileage standards. 

“These regulations are all pain and no gain for Minnesotans because they will import California’s broken energy policies to our state. They will reduce consumer freedom, put more strain on our electric grid, increase the cost of buying a new car, and produce zero measurable environmental benefit. 

California has already begged residents not to charge their cars during 4pm to 10pm on several occasions to prevent rolling blackouts. Electricity supplies are tight during this timeframe because generation from solar panels declines as the sun sets.”

In March, Center of the American Experiment submitted 46 pages of comments explaining why the California car mandates are wrong for Minnesotans.