Stop the Dig!

When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. The DFL has us in a $729 million hole known as the State Office Building. 

Although the project is approved and site preparation has begun, it’s not too late to ask the legislature to reconsider and pause construction.  

The $729 million price tag is double the cost of the State Capitol renovation and 10 times the cost of the Senate Office Building. What are they thinking! 

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How did we get here? Wasted space

Wasted space in the Capitol Complex led to the $730 million State Office Building renovation/expansion. Come with us on our video tour and see the space for yourself.

State Office Building wins Golden Turkey award 

The Minnesota Legislature is about to build another new office building for themselves and once again, they’re doing it without ever taking a vote on the floor of the House or Senate. This wasteful spending project and the lack of transparency won the Minnesota House this year’s Golden Turkey Award, given by Center of the American Experiment. Most employees at the MN House of Representatives still haven’t fully returned to the office since COVID, but that’s not stopping them from building a Taj Mahal of office buildings costing more than double what they spent on the entire State Capitol building renovation. 

The State Office Building balcony: now it can be told 

Capitol insiders claim that the Kremlin-style reviewing platform was a last-minute addition to the plan. The road to the $730 million state office building (SOB) project for the state House of Representatives has taken many turns, but none involve accountability.

Photo: @MNHouseInfo via Twitter