Subsidies never make anything,even housing, affordable

Lack of affordable housing has been a big issue in most growing cities around the country with no exception to the twin cities. Of course we cannot pretend to ignore the need for action if this problem is to go away. But what we also need to keep in mind is the fact that to effectively abate any issue, we need to address the root cause of the problem. And providing subsidies does not in anyway address the underlying issue with lack of affordable housing.

So much has been tried to help reduce the cost of housing to low income individuals. And efforts have also been wasted trying to pull people out of homelessness. There is nothing new with the current effort to push for legislation to create a rent subsidy program for low income individuals. Just like any subsidies, housing subsidies will not make housing cheaper; it will push cost on to tax payers without addressing the root cause of the problem.

what needs to be understood is what has been said over and over again; in as long as housing supply fails to meet increasing demand affordable housing will never be achieved. What is standing in the way of people from accessing housing is the fact that regulations exist that hinder provision of housing, negatively affecting prices in the long run.

I highly doubt anyone wants to be in a society where rising costs of living are constantly being pushed on to taxpayers. What that does is make everyone worse off and much poorer. Cities have built their way out of unaffordable housing by minimizing regulatory burden imposed on commercial housing providers. To have affordable housing homes have to be built in great abundance. What big cities with low housing price, like Tokyo, have in common is deregulated housing policies that allow for housing supply to keep up with demand. And that is what needs to be focused on in combating unaffordable housing.