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Today is Give to the Max Day, an annual event for Minnesotans to support nonprofit organizations through donations. Thanks to our supporters, any donation we receive today will be doubled!

American Experiment is proud to be supported by thousands of Minnesotans across the state, and thanks to this support, I can continue my work in K-12 education.

If you find this work important, please consider donating here. Again, any donation received today will be doubled.

Additionally, because I love a good competition, I will treat the Minnesotan with the largest donation contributed through this link to lunch to discuss my work in education and learn what you would like American Experiment to focus on in this space. (And I promise it won’t be McDonald’s!)

In all seriousness, American Experiment has played a key and influential role in K-12 education through our research, writing, and public testimony. From drawing attention to the social studies standards revision process to proposing policy changes that would restore academic excellence, and even helping thousands of educators exercise their rights regarding union membership, this crucial work can only continue with your support.

Thank you for your investment in American Experiment as we fight to ensure students are prepared for the world they will inherit — not only academically, but as critical thinkers with the skills and knowledge they need for a successful future.