Supporting school choice is a no brainer for Americans

New poll results reveal that more than three in four Americans believe parents should be able to decide what public school their child will attend.

Conducted by the Job Creators Network/ from July 22-23, the poll found 78 percent of the 1,099 U.S. adults surveyed support this choice.

“Americans want a better education system and they want more freedom when it comes to choosing which path their child will take,” said Elaine Parker, President of Job Creators Network Foundation. “Given these results, school choice should be a unifying issue for elected officials to focus on—plus it would have a positive impact for America’s children.”

Additionally, 58 percent of Americans support allowing parents “to use public funding to pay for charter or private school tuition if a particular public school is not providing a quality education or safe learning environment.”

Too often students get stuck in a system that has been failing them. States across the country have been making great strides to remedy this problem and make school choice options more accessible for more families. Minnesota needs to join them. Our state has one of the worst education achievement gaps in the country, and we need more breakthrough in our provision of education services to address our educational challenges. And Minnesotans are in support of expanding these opportunities. Seventy-five percent of Minnesotans support allowing students in low-performing public school districts to attend a public or private school of their choice instead of the school they are assigned, according to the most recent Thinking Minnesota Poll

We hope our state leaders will fully recognize and respect the voices of students and families across Minnesota asking for better access to the learning environment that will best meet their needs.


Fun side note: The Center hosted Scott Rasmussen last November at a lunch forum where he broke down the 2018 midterm elections.