Survey says: Voters think schools should notify parents about gender identity changes

The majority of voters support school policies that require educators to inform parents about changes to their children’s pronouns, according to a national poll conducted by the Center Square Voter’s Voice Poll.

The October poll asked over 2,500 registered voters (including more than 1,000 Republicans, 1,000 Democrats and roughly 500 independents) if teachers should “be obligated to inform parents if their child changes their gender identification or preferred pronouns at school.”

Sixty-six percent of respondents believe that educators should disclose gender identity information to parents (19 percent disagree), with support more split along party lines — 49 percent of Democrats support the notification policy with 30 percent opposed, 62 percent of independents voiced support, and 83 percent of Republicans.

Broken down by age, 56 percent of respondents ages 18-34 support teachers informing parents about gender identity changes (29 percent opposed), 71 percent of respondents ages 55-64, and 70 percent of those 65 and older. Support by geographic region was at 66 percent for the Midwest.

The topic has received national attention, with districts being sued for hiding children’s gender transitions and changing students’ pronouns without parental consent.

During this past legislative session, Minnesota lawmakers passed and Gov. Tim Walz signed into law a bill that makes medicalized treatment available to all young people who ask for it and authorizes courts to take “emergency jurisdiction” over children whose parents resist invasive “gender-affirming health care,” legally equating it to children who need protection or services because of parental mistreatment or abuse.