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The riots: When the police don’t protect people, they protect themselves

When the police didn't protect Minneapolitians in the recent riots, they practiced the great American tradition of defending themselves. The gun control debate is dead for years, but this armed self defense probably isn't what the city council has in mind when it talks about abolishing the police. ...

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The Minneapolis Riots: The Constitutional right to peaceful protest must be upheld, but that does not include rioting

Sadly, at the same time that many have been exercising their constitutional right to peaceful protest, others have simply been out rioting or using the opportunity to loot some free stuff. For this, there is no constitutional guarantee, nor should there be. ...

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The Riots: Officials should stop spreading disinformation

The protests on Sunday were mostly peaceful, doing good service to the memory of George Floyd. But they might not have been. There was a very real danger that the incident on the I-35W bridge could have ignited another night of violence in the Twin Cities. Making baseless claims about the driver made that vastly more likely. For that, Rep. Winkler should resign. ...

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