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Governor Walz should allow Minnesota’s breweries, bars, and restaurants to sell alcohol in any size package for at-home consumption

Many Minnesota breweries, bars, and restaurants are sitting on perishable product that they are not legally allowed to sell under current regulations. This temporary regulatory relief would allow them to sell that product, rather than wasting thousands of dollars....

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Economist’s View Column: Growler regs aren’t about protecting consumers

This op ed appeared in the Duluth News Tribune on July 12th, 2019 In March 2011, Clint MacFarlane, who had been home-brewing and developing his own recipes since 2006, opened a brewery in Castle Danger. He began self-distributing via 13 local bars and restaurants and selling growlers three nights a week from the 700-square-foot brewery. By 2014, a 10,000-square-foot production facility with taproom was being built in Two Harbors. That year, 1,500 barrels of beer were produced. By 2017, that was up to 14,800 barrels, quantity going hand in hand with quality. In 2018, Castle Danger beat Minneapolis-based Surly to become...

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