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Utility, Co-Op Support of ECO Act is Crony Capitalism, Plain and Simple

Over the past few weeks I have written about why the fuel switching provisions of the ECO Act are problematic (here, here, and here), and why conservative legislators should remove them from the bill while maintaining the good provisions within it. This will be important to keep in mind, because the Minnesota State Senate will be hearing the bill this Thursday (last week's hearing was postponed for the George Floyd memorial service). One of the talking points used by advocates of the ECO Act is that the bill has the support of Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs), like Xcel Energy, and the...

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The ECO Act Would Force You To Subsidize Electric Vehicles

Next week, the State Senate will be considering the ECO Act, which would make changes to Minnesota's energy efficiency program, which is called the Conservation Improvement Program, or CIP. There are several positive aspects of this bill, including an important shift away from forcing utility companies to spend more money than they may need to reach their energy efficiency goals. However, there are also provisions of the ECO Act that would force Minnesota families to subsidize electric vehicle (EV) rebates by paying more for their energy each month, and these provisions should not be included in the bill. Our readers strongly oppose...

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