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Robert Bryce: California Assemblyman Says State’s Push For Electric Vehicles Fuels ‘Environmental Racism’

Yesterday, I posted an article by California Assemblyman Jim Cooper, a Black Democrat in California, who said the state's renewable energy mandates were punishing low income, minority communities. Today, I'm posting an article by Robert Bryce, who reports that Mr. Cooper also had sharp criticism of California Governor Gavin Newsom's executive order banning the sale of gasoline powered cars after 2035. The article below originally appeared at Forbes.  The sharpest criticism of California’s policies on electric vehicles and climate change isn’t coming from Republicans or groups funded by the oil and gas business. Instead, it’s coming from a Black Democrat, Assemblyman Jim Cooper,...

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Why Is Governor Walz Trying to Mandate Cars That Nobody Wants?

Last week, I testified before a joint hearing of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Finance Committee about the Walz administration's desire to force Minnesotans to comply with California's car mandates for low emission vehicles (LEVs) and zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). During their testimonies, advocates of these new mandates claimed they are needed because there is a huge demand for some models of electric vehicles (EVs) that are not currently offered Minnesota, and that they would be offered here if the mandates went into effect. However, survey data from CleanTechnica.com, which is a website dedicated to promoting renewables and electric vehicles, shows...

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