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The Hill: The Blackouts Have Only Just Begun

The following article was co-written by Jason Hayes and Isaac Orr. It originally appeared in The Hill: Rolling blackouts have hit millions of Texans and people across the Great Plains, including Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Severe winter weather has placed a strain on electricity supplies and caused multiple deaths. That sad situation is completely unnecessary, but it likely will increase in the coming days. Unfortunately, if President Biden gets his way, blackouts such as these may become a more common occurrence. Throughout his political career, Biden has advocated for exactly the sort of policies that have Texas and the Great Plains states locked in their current energy crisis. For...

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Minnesota Can Handle the Cold Because of Fossil Fuel Power Plants

The article below was originally published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune: We need to stop planning our electric system around wind turbines and solar panels, technologies that often fail to show up during extreme weather events, when we need them most. Texas is learning this lesson the hard way. More than 2.5 million people are experiencing rolling blackouts because an arctic blast has frozen a significant portion of the Lone Star State's natural gas infrastructure. Compounding the shortages is the fact that at one point during the blackouts, the Texas wind fleet (the largest in the nation) was producing just 2% of its...

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Tune in To My Testimony at 1-2:30 PM

Today, I'll be testifying in the Minnesota State Senate on Senate File 450, which would effectively prohibit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency from imposing California car mandates in Minnesota. You can watch the hearing and my testimony at the link below or read the text under the link. https://youtu.be/Vva1_5WQPxs Madam Chair and Members of the Committee My name is Isaac Orr, and I am a policy fellow specializing in energy and environmental policy at Center of the American Experiment. I believe this legislation provides important benefits to Minnesotans because it would protect them from regulations crafted by unelected bureaucrats who may use cherry-picked assumptions to...

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Watch My Testimony On Clean Energy First

On February 11, the Minnesota House of Representatives will be holding a hearing on Clean Energy First. This bill would increase electricity prices, decrease the reliability of the grid, and fail to achieve its goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because it excludes new nuclear power, large hydro, and carbon capture, and sequestration technologies. What is clean energy first? If passed, the legislation would force Minnesota families and businesses to pay billions of dollars for wind turbines, solar panels, transmission lines, and battery storage facilities. It would also force them to pay millions of dollars for coal plants that are being torn down...

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