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Almanac Does Not Condone LaDuke’s Line 3 Holocaust Analogy

On November 13, 2020, Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) featured anti-pipeline activist Winona LaDuke on Almanac to discuss the Line 3 oil pipeline replacement project. On the program, LaDuke made several false claims, and compared pipeline workers to security guards at Auschwitz. LaDuke's characterization of pipeline workers as employees at a Nazi death camp prompted Almanac to issue the following statement: "Every week, TPT's public affairs program "Almanac" works to include diverse perspectives about important issues affecting Minnesota. When reporting on complex or controversial issues, our goal is to provide balance and insight over the long term. The "Almanac" team has been reporting on the...

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Despite COVID Restrictions, DFL Legislators Head North to Protest Line 3

While Governor Walz and Keith Ellison are busy shutting down businesses who want to try and make a living, no such scrutiny appears to be forthcoming for eight DFL legislators traveled to Northern Minnesota to oppose the construction of the Line 3 pipeline. Among the attendees were Senators Jen McEwen, Erin Murphy, Mary Kunesh, John Marty, and Lindsey Port, along with Representatives Sydney Jordan, Liz Bolden, Heather Keeler, according to a video on the Facebook Page for MN350, an anti-pipeline activists group. We are still under the November lockdown orders issued by Governor Walz before Thanksgiving, to stop family gatherings, meaning the...

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Line 3 Receives Arm Corps of Engineers Permits

The Army Corps of Engineers has issued the final major permit needed for the Line 3 oil pipeline. According to the Star Tribune: "The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Monday issued a construction permit for Enbridge's new pipeline across northern Minnesota, the last major approval needed for the controversial $2.6 billion project. The Corps decision paves the way for Calgary-based Enbridge to begin building the pipeline as early as next month. It will be one of the largest Minnesota construction projects in recent history and is expected to employ 4,000 workers." Receiving this permit puts the Line 3 environmental improvement project one...

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Line 3 Opponent, Winona LaDuke, Unhinged on Almanac

Last week, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Pollution Control Agency approved permits for the Line 3 oil pipeline operated by Enbridge. As we have noted many times, the current Line 3 is corroded and operating at half capacity to reduce the risk of an oil spill, and replacing this project is the right thing to do for the environment and Minnesota's economy. However, not everyone sees it this way. On Almanac last week, anti-pipeline activist and executive director of Honor the Earth, Winona LaDuke, made several statements that were factually inaccurate and she even called the pipeline the ecological equivalent of...

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Will Line 3 Approvals Bring Dakota Access Pipeline Styled Protests?

Last week, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency issued key permits for the Line 3 oil pipeline. Enbridge, the company who operates Line 3, must now secure a stormwater permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Obtaining this permit will allow the project to begin construction, but it may also bring about protests akin to those that occurred at the construction site at the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). DAPL Protests In 2016, thousands of protestors from around the country set up camp near the Standing Rock Indian reservation to protest the construction of DAPL. This...

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Seven Energy and Environment Takeaways from the Minnesota Elections

Based on information from the Star Tribune's election coverage, it looks like the State Senate may remain in the hands of the Republicans, while the State House of Representatives will remain in the hands of the Democrats. Republicans maintaining an advantage in the Senate has important implications for energy and environmental policy in the state. Here is how the election results affect the seven biggest energy and environment topics in Minnesota. California Car Mandates: The retention of the Senate does nothing to change the Walz Administration's attempt to force Minnesotans to comply with California's car mandates. I would expect the announcement of these...

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Line 3 Construction Complete in Canada, North Dakota and Wisconsin, Still Delayed in Minnesota

A recent report from the Associated Press shows the Line 3 oil pipeline replacement project is completed in Canada, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Construction on the project has not even started in Minnesota due to politically-motivated delays to the project. In other words, this environmental improvement project is already done in areas where transparent energy policy still prevails. The interesting takeaway here is how long Minnesota has delayed this project compared to how long it will actually take to replace the pipeline once construction begins. A report from MPR states the replacement project will take 6 to 9 months to complete....

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Line 3 Replacement Would Provide Massive Economic Benefits

Some liberal media outlets have sought to depict the removal of Steve Kelley from his role as the head of the Department of Commerce as a partisan jab at Governor Walz for extending his emergency powers, even though two DFL senators sided with Republicans to remove him. Politics may have indeed played a role in the decision to oust Kelley, but the former Commissioner's decision to once again delay the replacement of the Line 3 pipeline were solid grounds for dismissal. According to a new study, the replacement of the Line 3 project would bring about massive economic benefits in both...

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Walz Delays Line 3 Again, Proving Modern “Environmentalism” Has Little To Do With The Environment

Today, the Walz administration plans to file an appeal that will again delay the replacement of the aging Enbridge Line 3 oil pipeline. This project would provide thousands of good paying, union jobs and make the environment safer for future generations by reducing the risk of an oil spill in Minnesota. Unfortunately, modern "environmentalism" has little to do with improving the environment. Not About the Environment or "The Science" The most important thing to know about Walz's decision to delay the project is that it has nothing to do with the potential environmental impacts of the pipeline. In fact, the Minnesota Public...

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