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Trump signed a new executive order loosening occupational licensing restrictions around the country

In some positive news, President Trump signed an executive order whose purpose is "to reduce the burden of occupational regulations in order to promote the free practice of commerce, lower consumer costs, and increase economic and geographic mobility, including for military spouses." Loosening of occupational licensing laws is something we at the center have long argued for and this is the right step to potentially incentivize states like Minnesota to make some needed reforms. ...

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A post-Covid-19 agenda for Minnesota’s state government: Healthcare

For now at least, the emergency period of the Covid-19 pandemic in Minnesota is over. What did this traumatic experience show ought to be done in response to or in preparation for a possible repeat? The Cato Institute offers some suggestions in a new collection of essays titled Pandemics and Policy. In Reform Regulation of Health Care Providers, Jeffrey A. Singer argues that state governments should: enact laws granting reciprocal recognition to licenses held by health care practitioners already licensed in any of the 50 states or the District of Columbia; grant reciprocal health care licenses to more international medical school graduates...

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10 states have enacted major occupational licensing reforms since 2019

Since 2019, 10 states have enacted major occupational licensing reforms enabling more freedom in their economies. This a good sign that states are recognizing the harmful effects that occupational licensing brings. Unfortunately, no similar developments have been made by the state of Minnesota. This, despite the fact that Minnesota's breadth and burden of licensure have been increasing at a higher rate compared to the majority of states. We at the Center of the American Experiment have long argued for the reversion of this trend. And the coronavirus induced recession makes the need for reform even more urgent. If the state of...

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