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Recycling Markets Have Changed. Will Minnesota Cities Adapt?

One of the core arguments for limited government involvement in the private sector is that private companies are much more receptive to changes in market conditions than governments because they are sensitive to price. If the price of a product plummets, the private sector produces less of  that product, but this is not how governments operate because politicians aren't sensitive to dollars, they're sensitive to votes. When it comes to issues like recycling, emotions often trump economics, which is why local elected officials around the country often campaign on higher recycling rates, even though these decisions never made economic sense. Now,...

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Mitchell South Dakota: Home of The Corn Palace and Wind Turbine Blade Landfill Exhibit?

Mitchell, South Dakota is famous for the corn palace, but it appears the community is also known among wind companies as a place to dispose of wind turbine blades that are no longer useful. According to the Mitchell Republic: "Who will take the old, unrecyclable blades that are being replaced on South Dakota’s wind turbines? The city of Mitchell is positioning to take those in, and a Davison County board gave a Mitchell business approval to dismantle blades Tuesday. Bob Ball, who runs H&R Salvage of Mitchell, is in the business of destroying blades, something he says he’s already doing with success...

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Strib Article: The trouble with recycling: It’s a plastic paradox

The Strib ran a fascinating piece about recycling today. The article, pasted below, describes how the big blue bins we throw our recyclables into have become a problem. However, the article misses one of the biggest problems recycling faces: people don't have much reason to care about it. Sure, we all want to do what is best for the environment, but very few people are willing to learn how to properly recycle. Additionally, the business model for recycling doesn't make sense because normal people don't really have anything to gain from recycling other than warm fuzzy feelings. This results in a situation...

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