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The Hill: The Blackouts Have Only Just Begun

The following article was co-written by Jason Hayes and Isaac Orr. It originally appeared in The Hill: Rolling blackouts have hit millions of Texans and people across the Great Plains, including Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Severe winter weather has placed a strain on electricity supplies and caused multiple deaths. That sad situation is completely unnecessary, but it likely will increase in the coming days. Unfortunately, if President Biden gets his way, blackouts such as these may become a more common occurrence. Throughout his political career, Biden has advocated for exactly the sort of policies that have Texas and the Great Plains states locked in their current energy crisis. For...

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In the Tank Episode 282: Texas Winter Blackouts, Renewable Energy to Blame?

The Heartland Institute's Donald Kendal and Jim Lakely are joined by Isaac Orr and Brent Bennett in episode 282 of the In The Tank Podcast. Brent Bennett, a policy director at the Texas Public Policy Foundation joins the show to talk about the recent snowstorm, cold weather, and the resulting blackouts that recently occurred in Texas. Just how much of this problem can be attributed to renewable energy penetration in the Lone Star State? [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYsJIL3LVTU[/embed]...

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Robert Bryce: This Blizzard Exposes The Perils Of Attempting To ‘Electrify Everything’

The following article was written by Robert Bryce. It originally appeared in Forbes. The massive blast of Siberia-like cold that is wreaking havoc across North America is proving that if we humans want to keep surviving frigid winters, we are going to have to keep burning natural gas — and lots of it — for decades to come. That cold reality contradicts the “electrify everything” scenario that’s being promoted by climate change activists, politicians, and academics. They claim that to avert the possibility of catastrophic climate change, we must stop burning hydrocarbons and convert all of our transportation, residential, commercial, and industrial systems so that they...

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Texas: Winter Weather, Iced Wind Turbines, and Rolling Blackouts

More than 2.5 million people in Texas are currently experiencing rolling blackouts as temperatures remain in the single digits in many parts of the state. The Lone Star state is currently short of electricity because half of the Texas wind fleet (the largest in the nation) is iced over and incapable of generating electricity. Additionally, the natural gas infrastructure Texas has become so reliant upon has also frozen up. Texas's experience highlights the perils of becoming overly reliant upon wind, solar and natural gas because these energy sources are not as reliable as coal or nuclear power during extreme weather conditions. Nuclear and...

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