Take action today: Let Biden’s administration know that Critical Race Theory is antithetical to racial unity

The U.S. Department of Education under the Biden administration has proposed a new rule that, if adopted, would prioritize federal education grants to K-12 public schools that promote Critical Race Theory, the “1619 Project,” and “anti-racist” activist Ibram X. Kendi. Today (May 19) is the last day to submit public feedback on this concerning proposal, and you can do so here. There is suggested text you can send, or you can edit the text to further personalize your message. 

The text of the proposed rule states the focus of this federal effort is addressing “systemic racism” in America by establishing priorities for grants in American History and Civics Education programs that, for one, “incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse perspectives into teaching and learning.” Grant applicants will, among other things, have to describe how their proposed school projects “take into account systemic marginalization, biases, inequities, and discriminatory policy and practice in American history.”

For more background on the proposed rule and what it would promote, you can read my past post here.

The philosophical and political premises of Critical Race Theory ideology have unfortunately been masked by euphemisms such as “equity” and “diversity and inclusion.” Instead of emphasizing dignity and humanity, CRT foments racial discord and promotes a cynical worldview that is rooted in tribalism. This does not encourage a positive classroom community but rather turns the classroom environment into a space where students are pitted against each other. Nor does CRT help students develop into critical thinkers and responsible, civic-minded members of society.

This is not to dismiss the importance of combating racism. But how we pursue racial unity and healing is not through a repressive ideology that is rooted in ideas that violate the most basic principles of equality and justice.

Instead, efforts to advance civil rights and liberties should come from a place of common humanity. Otherwise, we will fail at building a society based on fairness, justice and dignity for all.

Submitting Comments — Deadline: May 19, 2021

The federal rulemaking process requires giving the public an opportunity to offer comments on proposed rules, which the agency (the U.S. Department of Education, in this case) has to then review.

  • Comments can be submitted electronically here, where the feedback is then uploaded into the Federal eRulemaking Portal. You can also navigate the Federal eRulemaking Portal directly to submit a comment. Comments submitted by fax or email will not be accepted.
  • Comments can also be submitted through the postal mail, commercial delivery, or hand delivery and should be addressed to Mia Howerton, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue SW, Room 3C152, Washington, D.C. 20202. Please reference “Docket ID ED-2021-OESE-0033.”