Teacher opt-out window closes Saturday

Educators’ once-a-year-only opportunity to evaluate their relationship with the teachers’ union will end this Saturday, Sept. 30. If you are a Minnesota educator and have decided that union membership is no longer the best choice for you, go here to get started.

You can create your customized opt-out letter in a couple of clicks, and then a list of next steps will appear.


Print your customized opt-out letter.


Sign your customized opt-out letter.


Send your letter postmarked between Sept. 1 and Sept. 30 to Education Minnesota. You can also email a copy of your letter to the union at [email protected] with “Union Resignation Letter” in the subject line.

Email your letter to the local union representative between Sept. 1 and Sept. 30.

Make sure you check out liability coverage options, and check your paystub to confirm dues deductions cease after Oct. 1.

Minnesota teachers spend around $800-$1,000 annually on teacher union dues. Yet, only a couple hundred bucks or so goes to the local union, typically tasked with the day-to-day representational activities and the collective bargaining responsibilities. Also, state and national dues usually increase every year, with the local dues staying fairly constant.

Teachers cannot choose to belong only to the local union, but they can, however, opt-out of union membership and then send a voluntary donation to their local association as a thank you for the collective bargaining services. This helps solve the “free rider” claims, and teachers aren’t paying for the state and national unions’ political activity.

Here’s a breakdown of who gets what dollar amount:

Graphic from Teacher Freedom, data from Education Minnesota