Teacher Truths: Leaving the union will not affect salary or benefits

Please share with any educator you may know to help dispel these pesky misconceptions! #TeacherTruths

A misconception about union membership is that an educator’s compensation or health insurance will be in jeopardy if he or she isn’t a union member. While salary and benefits are negotiated between the employer and the union, they are provided by the district employer. As such, these provisions are not dependent on your union membership status.

Messaging around this misconception is important, as 32 percent of surveyed teachers believe the terms of the negotiated contract agreement between the district and the union would no longer apply to a teacher who chooses not to be a union member. And 25 percent believe that teacher would not receive any pay increases negotiated by the union.

Listen below to hear teachers from different backgrounds share the truth about compensation and benefits outside of union membership. Thank you to the Teacher Freedom project for the helpful video!