Teacher Truths: You are not selfish for exercising your rights

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Back-to-school looks different this year, and teachers have a lot on their minds. But that doesn’t mean they have to put their own needs on hold. If you have been considering alternative options to union membership, you only have until September 30 to make your decision. You can generate your personalized opt-out letter here and then follow the easy step-by-step guide to ensure Education Minnesota honors your resignation.

Just as educators encourage students to be independent thinkers and hold true to themselves, so too should educators be trusted by their colleagues to make decisions that are best for them and their families. Having choices empowers teachers and elevates the teaching profession.

You are not selfish for exercising your rights.

Exercising your rights is a good and admirable thing, and you are not alone in your decision. Educated Teachers is here to connect you with educators in your district who have made the same choice.

Whatever your reason is, opting out is the most effective way to let the union know its choices aren’t representing you well. You can always rejoin, but you only have three weeks until your membership automatically renews for another year.