Teachers, job protection is available outside of union membership

Yesterday, I shared a little bit about the options teachers have regarding union membership. If a teacher is a member of the union, he or she has an important decision to make. They can opt-out or choose to remain in the union.

As teachers consider their options, it’s important they do so with accurate information. I recently heard from a teacher that the only reason she belongs to her union is for protection.

Like all professionals, it is a good idea for teachers to protect themselves. Educators in the classroom today are operating in an unpredictable and increasingly chaotic environment. It’s unfortunate that educators can be the target of work-related lawsuits brought by students, parents, and even colleagues.

But union membership is not the only option for liability coverage and other protections. There are alternative organizations made just for educators that provide quality liability insurance and employment rights coverage for a much lower cost than union dues. Plus, the professional liability insurance is often double ($2 million in coverage) what the union offers. Members of these alternative associations can also receive legal assistance, dental and auto insurance, and professional development opportunities.

Check out the Liability Coverage page on EducatedTeachersMN.com to learn more about these professional associations. Teachers across the country are choosing these associations to protect themselves and their careers. Below are the Top Five Reasons educators join these organizations, courtesy of the Teacher Freedom project.