Teachers’ union Legislative Report Card confirms its political agenda

The National Education Association—the country’s largest teachers’ union—recently released its Legislative Report Card for the 116th Congress. The union gave each member of Congress a letter grade of A through F, claiming its report card “shows some signs of bipartisanship.”

Which, according to union reporter Mike Antonucci, is not fooling anyone.

NEA’s sole evidence of bipartisanship is its comparison of this Congress with the last one. The union showed that more members received an “A” this time around and fewer Republicans received an “F.”

The only reason for that, of course, is that this Congress has a lot more Democrats and a lot fewer Republicans than the last one. By NEA’s reasoning, a fully bipartisan Congress would be one with… no Republicans.

Out of the 243 U.S. Representatives, the NEA gave nine Republicans and all 234 Democrats an “A” grade. “F” ratings were given to 152 Republicans and one Republican who became an Independent during session.

In the Senate, 45 Democrats, two Independents, and one Republican received an “A.” The union gave 46 senators an “F,” all Republicans.

Legislators were graded on votes and other legislative actions, such as “behind-the-scenes advocacy for education and educators, sponsorship of bills, committee votes, and congressional members’ accessibility to education advocates in their home state or district.”