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Featured Initiatives

A new bill is trying to make Minnesota a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigration. Can Minnesota’s infrastructure handle this? Can our government, non-profits, neighborhoods, and schools?

We can be welcoming, but there must be limits. Learn more and take action at

Gov. Tim Walz and his allies in the legislature are proposing a new stealth gas tax that will be worse than California’s crazy fuel standards.

This “Clean Transportation Standard” will make Minnesota’s mandates the most extreme and most expensive in the country, raising the cost of gas in Minnesota by 39 to 45 cents per gallon. Tell your legislator to reject this gas station inflation!

FACT: Education Minnesota claims to support kids, but they block every attempt to improve the system to benefit kids.

In fact, Minnesota’s largest teachers’ union has stood in the way of every important education reform in state history (see the chart here). When does it end?

It’s time to stop letting the union hurt student progress and block real education reform.

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