Thankful for my teachers

A friend passed along a recent op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on the importance of thanking our teachers (with a focus on doing so before it’s too late). I was humbled this friend thought of me, despite the fact I have been out of the classroom now for seven years.

I come from a family of teachers, and I hope I made an impact on the lives of my former students the way I know my grandmother, aunt, and mother did on their students and the way I know my sister currently is with her students.

And the way my teachers made an impact on me. From not only helping me grow academically and motivating me to do my best, even when I didn’t believe in myself, but also helping me foster a sense of curiosity and creativity. Good teachers help students become the principled future leaders, professionals, and community members needed to navigate the complex world they will inherit.

So, on this Thanksgiving, while I’m grateful for much and many, here’s a special “thank you” to my former teachers — Mrs. H., you know you were my favorite — and the important role they played in helping me become who I am. And I look forward to telling them in person soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!