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Minnesota’s progressive policies are doing a disservice to our young people. Housing, childcare, energy, health insurance, taxes — you name it, it costs more today. 

In fact, 90% of young people in Minnesota now expect their generation to be worse off economically than their parents. What’s contributing to this gross disparity? And what can we do to change it?

Join us in one of these cities this summer to get the answers. Our policy fellows will dig into the laws and policies enacted by progressives in St. Paul that are ruining the next generations’ chances of achieving the American Dream, plus show what can be done to reverse them.

FACT: Education Minnesota claims to support kids, but they block every attempt to improve the system to benefit kids.

In fact, Minnesota’s largest teachers’ union has stood in the way of every important education reform in state history (see the chart here). When does it end?

It’s time to stop letting the union hurt student progress and block real education reform.

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